• How long will therapy last?

    The duration of therapy greatly varies and depends on many factors including symptom severity, client motivation, and diagnoses. Dr. Kalpakian's approach to therapy is to give clients support, skills, and coping tools until they are able to manage their symptoms independently and are ready for termination.

  • What will happen during my first appointment?

    The first appointment will consist of Dr. Kalpakian asking questions and gathering background information. Brief questionnaires may also be given to obtain information on symptoms. Typically at the end of intake appointment, Dr. Kalpakian will provide brief recommendations and collaboratively develop a treatment plan with the client and client's family.

  • Do you accept insurance?

    Dr. Kalpakian currently accepts Aetna, Cigna, and Optum. If your insurance is not accepted, Dr. Kalpakian can provide a super bill that can be submitted for reimbursement.

    Please contact Dr. Kalpakian for individual session/evaluation fees.

  • What type of therapy will be used?

    The type of therapy that will be used greatly depends on each client's unique problems. Dr. Kalpakian uses an individual and evidence-based approach to therapy and will collaboratively work with each client to discuss which therapy option is most appropriate for them.

  • Why should I seek therapy or testing from a psychologist?

    Psychologists receive extensive doctoral training in psychology. In addition to a 4-5 year graduate program, psychologists also complete a year long internship and postdoctoral fellowship in order to become a licensed psychologist. Psychologists are also trained in research and typically use research to inform treatment approaches.

  • Does Dr. Kalpakian provide telehealth services?

    Dr. Kalpakian can provide therapy sessions via telehealth or in-person. However, all testing/evaluations must be conducted in-person.